What to do with what has been

room installation, 2015
video projection on the wall, 200 fabric sacks, Arduino programmed board, framed collage by the hand of the artist, written text on the wall.

This piece was specially made for an exhibition space that usually serves as a basement of a house. The first impression I had - a strange fear of this space, brought me to the topic of memory as a continuation of my own interest in the process of perception of visual experience. What kind of memories do we store and to what transformations are they exposed in our consciousness? What can be the history and evolution of these memories, what do we want to forget and what do we want to keep with us? The exhibition deals with the representation of these memories and their projection in the reality surrounding us. As a starting point for this work, I used the motive of the bird inside the sack that I saw in one of the Central Asian countries. The installation consists of 200 fabric sacks, some of them including a programmed mechanism that simulates the moves of a bird inside. On top of that central piece framed collage, a text is written on the wall and a video projection depicting a moving wall inside a metro during the ride completed the installation. Here again, the elements have to be considered as a whole and not as different pieces brought together. And the basement has, also, to be seen as a part of the whole artwork.

The work exhibited:
solo show What to Do with What has been, Roundabout art space, Munich, Germany, 2015

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