Nitrofrottage on paper (series of works)

nitrofrottage, acryl, varnish, dimension: DIN4, A3, A2, since 2014

This selection of works on paper using nitrofrottage technique is an ongoing series based on motives from gymnastics and massage books. Through the technique of transfer, the picture loses its original sharpness and contrast to become a diffuse reflection, whose appearance can never be accurately predicted. The nitrofrottage provides me an opportunity to work with the question of perception, visual experience through the prism of the personal archive of images and, in a more general context, representation.

The work exhibited:

group show CURVED YELLOW FRUIT, AdBK, Munich, Germany, 2015

nitro (1)
nitro (2)
nitro (3)
nitro (4)
nitro (5)
nitro (6)

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