The instinct of the present.

Series from 12 photos, size ca. 70x70 cm, 2009

time: today
place: amusement park
attraction: a shooting gallery

Head to the shooting gallery and practice your aim by shooting a pellet gun at numerous moving targets!

A shooting stand of an amusement park — with all these neon lights, metal shining construction, small moving mechanical tracks with small targets, beautiful cars or non-existent island and the endless crowd of people who want to hit the goal to get the prize — became for me a symbol of our time where our goal is pre-defined by society, but where everyone has to pay the price to achieve it.

the work exhibited:
group show BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE. ARCHEOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY, A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2011
group show PHOTO EXHIBITION, Alternative independent space, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2011
ALUMINIUM - IV International Baku Biennale of Contemporary Art. Baku, Azerbaijan, 2009
solo show Instinct of the present, Goethe-Institut Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2009 

shooting gallery (2)
shooting gallery (1)
shooting gallery (3)
shooting gallery (4)

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